Marauder / Contextual Feeling [WTFHQ01]

WTFHQ01 – The First Wired to Follow Release of the Year.

And what do I mean by that? I mean that there will be more to come. This year we’re trying something a little different. Instead of working on a big release, setting release dates, preorder dates and all that bollocks, we’re just going to release as we go, in twos. As a music fan I’m kinda getting frustrated with having to wait for music and it makes less sense for me when new music is pretty much on tap.

So Step in the WTFHQ Releases

As I mentioned, these releases will (hopefully) be way more frequent, especially compared to our prior output. There’s a tendency to be ‘burnt out’ after you work on bigger releases (such as our Read, Write, Execute) so I think this will tackle that and keep us going.

So, here’s the first one – WTFHQ01.

The Artwork

I wanted the art to come across as the kind of photocopied document you’d be given at school (or at least I would have at my school in the 90s!). Something that was mass produced and passed around. It seemed to fit the idea and world that these short releases would inhabit. So you can expect slight variations on this theme going forth. I make no bones about it, I love the minimal approach!

WTFHQ01 Track 1: Marauder

Named after an old MINIONTV idea but that’s pretty much where the link ends. We wanted to experiment with different instruments on this track and so you can hear myself (a non-drummer) playing drums and Barry premiering his whistling skills. For YEARS he’s reminded me how good he is at whistling so, come on down as opportunity knocks for Mr Fearns on Marauder!

WTFHQ01 Track 2: Contextual Feeling

We were chatting about the future of online home assistants (such as Alexa and Google Assistant) and Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing came on the radio. We made the pun to describe how AI could learn to understand moods.

Music-wise, it’s a live performance, kind of inspired (at least on my part) by Mica Levi’s Under the Skin score. It was a very spontaneous performance and I loved the idea we didn’t have to sit beforehand thinking about theme or structure. A lot of the changes you can hear are me bellowing through a mic going through a bunch of guitar pedals. I love it.

Hey, if you want this and you can’t spare the money right now then just ask. I mean it. Hit me up on twitter/instagram or contact me through here and I’ll pass you a download code. I know money can be hard to come by for some people and I’d really hate to see somebody going away with nothing, especially when they’ve taken the time to come by. I only set a price as I believe in perceived value.

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