This guide is a little bit different as it’s to try and answer a question I see asked a lot. If you are thinking about getting into music but don’t know where or how to start, then this may be of help.

DIY Why?

With this DIY Musician Guide thing, I pretty much had one rule with it from the start. I never set out with any intention to try and tell anybody how to make their music. I mean who am I to tell anyone anything?

There’s tonnes of other channels and blogs out there for that, and to be honest they’d be way better than me. I started this to mainly share and discuss the tools I’ve come across that other musicians might benefit from on their own path.

But like I said in the intro, I see this “how do I start” question come up a lot so I thought I’d try and weigh in on it in my own way, most likely in a little series. So for this post, let’s begin with…

Just Start

I know, I know… it sounds like a cop out but hear me out. ‘Just start’ is the answer. You need to start to be able to envision your next steps, your path.

Let me give you a simple example. Say I told you to record yourself tapping out a beat on a mug.

Then to mess about with the recording, get a fun thing going and add some other bits.

Before long you’ll be kinda happy with what you’re doing, it sounds pretty cool and you’ve had a tonne of fun being creative… and then you’ll go hear something on the radio and suddenly you scream “My music is  is rubbish! How can I get it to sound as good at that? I need to get better!”

Congratulations! You just enrolled in the ‘how to start’ programme. Have you ever heard the phrase “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”? Well Einstein was obviously a clever guy who realised knowledge can be infinitely scalable. This comparison of hearing your first tune with the song on the radio is your first dose of that. You just realised there’s more to learn.

So my advice here is when you’re starting out with anything it’s good to have something to aim for otherwise how will you know you’re getting better? It’s all very well and good doing something for the sheer fun of it but for many of us, we want to feel validated by what we do, as musicians we want people to listen to our music, as artists want people to see their art.


I hope that’s made some sense to those of you out there thinking about getting into music but don’t know how to start.

I’ll be returning to this topic in future posts where I’ll talk about the writing stage and things like software and hardware suggestions.  So think of this as part 1 of a new series.