Music Video for ‘Our Duty for the People’

Here’s the music video for the track ‘Our Duty to the People’ taken from my album ‘Victory Gin’.

In case you didn’t know – the track is from my upcoming album ‘Victory Gin’ which is out September 4. You can pre-order it (digital/cassette) on Bandcamp here.

Usually when I make music videos – I’m never in them. I usually put together public domain footage and create some sort of narrative around them.

For this one I thought, why not? I’m going in! I was pretty much limited to my living room due to the whole pandemic stuff so I thought about what I could do due to the limitations.

The idea behind this video is pretty much inspired and influenced by George Orwell’s 1984 and well, real life! If you’ve read the book you’ll know there’s a pretty much infamous interrogation scene at the end. The video echoes that a bit.

I mentioned this in the video description but slogans are all around us whether it be from magazines, newspapers or the government – we hear them day in, day out. A lot of them seem to be in conflict – “you should eat this! You shouldn’t eat this! This will make you sick! This will make you better!”… You get me. 

Behind the scenes

I thought it’d be fun to echo that here, showing a snapshot of how we’re easily manipulated into disbelieving what we once believed. 

Throughout the video you see two versions of me. One is stern, looking ahead and the other is conflicted, emotional. Both are different types of my personality. One conforming, the other rebelling. When the interrogation finishes, we’re left with just the conformed. The rebellious personality has been won over, defeated.

It was a lot of fun to and I hope you enjoy it!

Get the album on Bandcamp here.

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