My Leonard Nimoy Moment

So Leonard Nimoy just passed away.

I’m a big Star Trek fan (all series) and the news that one of my most loved pop culture icon actors isn’t around anymore is really sad. I was a little down to see how quickly people got their fleeting respects/jokes in (usually Wrath of Khan ending quotes) followed by pictures of their dinners or weekend plans. That’s social media I guess, fast food thoughts.

Instead of doing that I thought I’d note my favorite Leonard Nimoy moment and yes it’s of Spock.

My favourite Spock moment isn’t from The Wrath of Khan, it’s from an original series episode called Requiem for Methuselah. Kirk, emotionally drained after the death of his love is asleep head down at a table while McCoy explains the reaction to Spock:

“You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him because you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to. The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, the glorious victories. All of these things you’ll never know simply because the word love isn’t written into your book.”

McCoy leaves the room and Spock approaches Kirk. He utters the word “Forget” to Kirk as he uses a mind meld to ease his pain.

I’ve always found this an utterly beautiful sentiment and see it as not just Spock understanding but empathising. He’s half human after all.

He totally nailed that character.

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