My MUSIC now in Facebook & Instagram Story Stickers!

In this guide I’m going to tell you the sweet old tale of how I was able to use my very own music in instagram and facebook story stickers at long last.

Spoiler alert, it just depends on your distributor, that’s it. So, you can stop reading this post right now as that is all the info you need. Bye.

Oh you’re still here? Right then let’s go through it all because you might need some more info and I might need the watchtime (please watch).

OK, some context. I was about to upload my solo release to my usual distributor, Ditto Music, but it suddenly dawned on me to check out one of the others, see what it’s like. Everyone mentions Distrokid so I bit the bullet and signed up. So upon uploading my release I noticed this little box of options at the bottom, namely the Instagram and Facebook option!

Distrokid - Facebook and Instagram Music Stories

So this is obviously a distributor enabled service. Of course I ticked that box and then sent off the release. Let’s go and check it out on Facebook & Instagram.

In both cases just create a Story, select the music sticker and search for your desired artist.

Facebook (Mobile)


Don’t Have the Option?

If you’re already with a distributor but don’t have this option yet reach out to them. I’ve just done that with Ditto Music to see if they can enable that on my bands releases. I’ll leave a comment below (on the video or on here) when they get back with a response.


So, I’ve finally got it but… will I use it? Probably not that much to be honest. It might prove to be useful at some point, especially when releasing a new track. I will definitely use it to highlight my releases on my Instagram menu.

Anyway, hope that helped!


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