Compiling my live ambient guitar ideas, “Your Whisper in the Dark” is my first solo release of 2019.

A while ago I got the urge to record some live ambient guitar ideas and upload them to YouTube. I did this for 6 six weeks. Along the way I learned a couple of things. One, that I love the spontaneity of live playing and two, I’m way more obsessed about the sound over the idea. Of course, the sound became the idea but I’m saying I didn’t intend to create riffs or parts, I just wanted the sound to kind of dictate that for me.

MrSteJ - Your Whisper in the Dark Cover Art

Each title refers to something that was said or heard at the time of recording. For instance I’d overheard someone call out “You Know Where the Door is”, presumably as a sarky comment to another to get out their house. “Your Whisper From the Dark” refers to a Star Trek episode I was watching at the time. It all adds to the serendipity of it, rather than pre-planning like I usually do.

I’m in a sort of crossroads in life at this point in time. There’s been a lot of change. So, I decided to highlight that by compiling the tracks for this release. I hope you enjoy it. For me this is the start of my solo musical journey, my first of many milestones. I’ve always hid within bands or pseudonyms as it’s just been safer I suppose, but now I’d like to put myself forward a bit more. I still love collaborating with others, it’s just that I’ve never flown my own flag, so to speak.

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