(e.g U.F.Os) is The fourth track in my ongoing ‘Variants’ album project.

Want to join me on this organic journey? You can grab the album right now on Bandcamp. Here’s some info on the track.

This song started off around a riff I have had in my head for what seemed like a decade. It’s something I just couldn’t do anything with so I’m overjoyed I created something from its influence. The track actually started off a little more band-like in the studio and featured my wife on vocals.

After about of month of twisting, bending and tweaking it transformed into something a bit more electronic but still organic. I’m really proud of it and I love how melancholic but upbeat it is.

So about the title ‘E.g UFOs’. When I was younger I was a huge fan of unexplained phenomena and that peaked once the X-Files came out. I recently dug out my school record of achievement (a book of collected school awards and future goals) to find I’d written this:

I also like to study the unexplained (e.g U.F.Os).

A bloody weird thing to have in there to show to prospective work places but I thought hey, nice reflective title.

The video is made up of various time lapses taken in Liverpool.

Grab it here:

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