New track – Last Breath on the Escalator

The third track in my ongoing ‘Variants’ album project.

Want to join me on this organic journey? You can grab the album right now on Bandcamp. Here’s some info on the track.

Musically, the track has been through a few twists and turns. Originally it was about 6 minutes long and way more ambient. I originally sampled some drum pads from an old Casio keyboard which sounded really cool but didn’t do anything to carry the arrangement so I’ll use them for something else. I did end up sampling some other Casio voice sounds going through a kaoss pad though. In the end I decided to focus on a much shorter track with a bit more of a percussive element.

About the title. My wife and I were on an escalator and I think we were talking about imagining if you’d died on one or something. She uttered the words ‘Last Breath on the Escalator’ (of which I instantly liked and quickly noted down, she’s a muse), but it also triggered a childhood memory.

When I was a kid I was out shopping with my parents. As kids do, I must have wandered off in a shop and for some reason stepped on an escalator, thinking that’s where my parents were heading. This wasn’t the case and they called out for me. I remember the sense of dread as I was whisked up to the next floor. There was a nightmarish feeling I was never going to see them again. Obviously all was well when I managed to find stairs to the ground floor (there wasn’t a matching descending escalator). It’s weird but pretty much every time I go on an an escalator, that memory rears its head.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy the track!

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