Nik Colk Void and Klara Lewis @ Liverpool Philharmonic


Had such a fantastic evening of experimental electronic music.

The Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room is relatively new, definitely new to me. It’s a great space, especially for events like this. Matched with the acts tonight, it really put me in mind of the NewPath events I used to put on.

Openers ALGOBABEZ, whose name I’m guessing is short for ‘algorithm babes’ or something, were immediately intriguing with their live music programming setup. It was really cool to see their monitors spliced up for the audience visuals as you got a real sense of how the music was evolving as they entered commands.


I’ve never seen/heard Nik Colk Void in anything other than Factory Floor. With Klara Lewis, the music felt really organic, less reliant on rhythms, more so on space. For me, there’s a conflict with music like this as my mind struggles to find beats and melody, and the closest hints are rejected immediately. It definitely keeps it interesting. On a weird note, I was day dreaming of this being a live score to a sci-fi Godzilla – which would obviously be awesome.

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