On Friday night we got to see the documentary PARAGON, in which a lot of Wired to Follow music features, on the big screen.

That’s a huge defining moment for Barry and myself. We’ve been making music together pretty much since we met, which is going on about 10 years now. First was with MINIONTV, which at its core was a live pop-post-rock band, and then Wired to Follow, an experimental project aimed at film.

The film itself is a brilliant piece of work. It follows the story of Invictus games gold medalist Andy Grant in his attempt to break the 10k amputee world record. As a runner myself, I found the journey immensely inspiring. This night was actually the 8th year anniversary of Andy being injured by an explosion serving as a marine in Afghanistan, which eventually lead him to have his right leg amputated.

From left: Stephen Johnston (WtF), Matt Owen (director), Barry Fearns (WtF)

So tonight was a special night. It was a red carpeted event with a strict guest list, as the screening was a sell out. Before the film started, the man himself Andy Grant said a few words about the film along with its director Matt Owen. The film was very received by the audience as a whole, even earning a standing ovation to Andy at the end. I can’t describe what a joy it was in hearing your own music on the big screen, let alone seeing your name up there. We were very humbled to be a part in telling this amazing story.


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