Radiohead just kinda rejuvenated my love affair with them.

I say kinda because they’re in my DNA, I’ve loved them since forever. My first band pretty much just covered the entirety of Pablo Honey and yeah, I play Telecasters ’cause Jonny Greenwood plays Telecasters.

Their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool broke me for a while. Each of their albums up till that point had a learning curve, requiring a rosetta stone sort of track to pedal that musical bicycle. AMSP was tougher and took way more time to sink in, I love it now – but I felt a little fatigued after. So, after watching how f’ing brilliant they were last night, how absolutely f’ing alive they were, my heart eyes (as my wife calls them) sparked back into action.

I decided to dig out what felt like an old family photo album.

For a minute there I lost myself but you’re still the best band ever. x