Shazam – Get Verified and Access Your Shazam for Artists Account

If you’ve ever used Shazam to find out what music is playing around you, you might be interested to know it has its very own set of tools for Artists similar to Spotify and Apple’s. In this guide I’ll show you how to be become verified and gain access to Shazam for Artists.

If you’re not aware Shazam is an app that can identify music just by listening and taking a short sample.  According to a survey 150 million people use Shazam every month. It’s not that surprising when you realise it’s actually built into Apple’s Siri which is a feature I use quite a bit.

So I recently found out that Shazam has it’s own artist’s account with detailed analytics as well as social features that display on your Shazam profile in the app and website. Let’s dive in, set up an account and check it all out.

Apply to Access Your Artist Account

Shazam for Artists

Head over to You need to check some boxes which details some of the information needed to get access.

Shazam for Artists

You then have to choose if you’re either the artist or a representative of the artist. If you’re like me you’re kind of both so I’m going to go with the artist. After that, fill in your email address and country and hit Next.

Shazam for Artists

Now you have to search for your artist name. Both of my artists showed up in search but there is a link to click on if yours doesn’t.

Shazam for Artists

You’ll then be shown a bunch of tracks and asked to confirm that they’re by your artist.

Shazam for Artists

Next up you’ll be asked to upload a logo for your artist.

Shazam for Artists

The next screen will ask you to provide proof of your artist identity, basically that you have control. You’re asked to choose one of the options linked to a linked platform. I was a little worried at this step to be honest as Im not verified on Twitter or Facebook but luckily enough I do have 1000 followers on Soundcloud.  Note that they say they can only be able to see if you’re logged into Soundcloud and check your followers!

After that’s done you’ll proceed to a confirmation screen and can submit your application. Sadly, it’s not an instant verification process. It took about a week for my confirmation email to come though! Let’s take a quick look at the Artist Dashboard.

The Artist Dashboard

Shazam Artists Dashboard

On the left-hand side men we have the following options (see video above for more detail):

Track Insights – Where you can search for your tracks and display its statistics.

Artists Overview – Showing your user growth as well as who your followers are (location, age & gender)

Posts – This is where you can share updates which display on your Shazam profile.

Social – Create a Shazam badge you can share on social media to let people know about your profile.

Artist Profile – Design how your profile looks on your Shazam profile page.

Testing the Shazam App and Siri

I think it’d be interesting to see what a potential new fan would go through when they they use both the Shazam app and Siri. I’m going to try it out with a Wired to Follow tracks and see what happens. See the video above to watch this test play out.


Using Siri, I asked what track was currently playing. I was then taken to Apple music.

The Shazam App

Using the Shazam app I was taken to the artist profile where I could see the message I’d posted earlier as well as choose to go listen in Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and more.

Let me know if you think it’s worth signing up as an artist. I feel it’s worth at least setting up and checking once in a while as you may be surprised where you’re music is being Shazammed! 

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