This week there was snow.

There wasn’t that much snow in Liverpool, despite the twitter storm, or blizzard… ugh. On Tuesday I woke up to find everybody going crazy about it. I decided to go live on instagram to send it up a bit and talk about the ‘Beast from the East’ as if it were something from The Walking Dead. Well, it made me laugh.

Working on a Song

So yeah, it didn’t stop us getting back into the studio this week. We have a song we’ve started with Simon codenamed “DED”. It’s early days with it so far in that there’s only a couple of sections but it has promise. The interesting thing is that Barry is playing Bass for the first time.

Barry plays Bass

There’s a Brian Eno quote I really like:

“I’m fascinated by musicians who don’t completely understand their territory; that’s when you do your best work.”

We’ve never really been musicians who covet a position. As in saying someone has to be the keys player or the guitarist or the drummer – whatever you want to do, try it.  That’s why this week I found myself putting stickers on the side of the bass guitar so Barry could follow what notes to play.

That’s also why you can hear me playing drums and bawling through a mic in the music we put out this week (read all about it). I really love that and couldn’t think of doing it any other way. Probably why I’d find it hard working with musicians I don’t know. There’s a trust thing we have, where you all have to hang your egos at the door before you can let go.

Simon and Barry looking at the view - Wired to Follow

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