Spotify Artist Fundraising Pick – Artists Can Now Make Money through Donations

In this video post we’re going to look at how Spotify has implemented a fundraising option we can all add to our profiles.

A while back I made a video in response to Soundcloud adding the ability for us to add a donate button to our Soundcloud pages, well now Spotify have followed suit.

This is part of the email I’ve just been sent:

As part of our efforts to support the global music community during this unprecedented crisis, today, we’re rolling out a new feature, which enables you to add a fundraising destination to your profile through Spotify for Artists.

Spotify Email

So that’s very interesting, let’s look into what it is, what our options are, should we use it, and probably most importantly how to set our fundraising links.

What is the Spotify Artist Fundraising Pick?

Spotify have given us the ability to highlight a Fundraising option which will appear at the top of our profile along with our “Artist’s Pick”.

They say –  

First and foremost, this feature enables artists who are interested in raising money to support themselves, their bands, or their crews, to get the word out to their fans on their Spotify artist profiles. We have a strong group of initial fundraising partners: Artists can choose to add a link to Cash App, GoFundMe, and

Spotify blog

How Do We Add our Fundraising Link?

To choose your highlighted fundraising option just log in to your Spotify for Artists account and you’ll find a ‘Get Started’ link on your home page.

Spotify Fundraiser Artist Pick Options

If you click on that you’ll be taken to a form where you can select your link. You have the choice of Cash App, GoFundMe, PayPal and a Music Relief organisation.

When that’s done the link should eventually appear on the top of your profile like it does here on the mobile version. It’s taken a bit longer to appear on desktop – maybe this is just for mobile?

Spotify Fundraiser Artist Pick on Mobile

Who Should We Use the Spotify Fundraising Link?

I touch on this a lot more in the video but to sum up, I’d say yes use it. If you’re an artist on Spotify, chances are you’re not getting paid much. I’m saying this is a great solution to that as it put that’s burdon onto our fans but at least it spreads awareness to the fact that musicians are affected in this global crisis. My main gripe with this new feature is that we can’t add custom links just like we can with Soundcloud’s method.

I hope that helped you out. Don’t forget to check out the other DIY Musician Guides on the site.

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