Remember when Spotify announced musicians could upload their music straight to the platform? Yeah, well about that…

Last year I put out a video regarding Spotify planning to let us musicians upload our music straight to the platform. They had started a beta programme for some selected artists.

Well, they’ve just announced that they’re not going ahead with the programme after all which is a shame.

Now they mention just uploading to Spotify here, but I seem to remember that the plan was eventually to extend to allow users to upload to a bunch of other services such as TIDAL and iTunes.

They’d invested in the distributor Distrokid which I guess was how they were planning to do it.

“At the end of this month, we’ll stop accepting any new uploads through Spotify for Artists, and artists will need to move their already released content to another provider.”

I don’t understand why they don’t just cancel this service right now if they don’t intend to fully see it through? Seems like a lot of messing about if one of the artists were to do it now but I suppose they might already but locked into a schedule somehow.

I think they’ve just realised that they were taking too much on by trying to do everything in one place. Even Apple has realised that with their decision to split up iTunes. It was reported a few months ago that 40,000 tracks are added to Spotify every day so surely that’s got to already be a resource drain?

They make a point to highlight in the blog that the best way they can serve artists is to focus on resources such as Spotify for Artists, along with its playlist submission tool. I kind of believe that and hope they continue making cool stuff around those areas. It’s been really good for DIY artists and so I hope this isn’t alarm bells for us on the platform.

It would have been nice to go straight to Spotify instead of a middle man service but we’ve still got options such as SoundCloud Premier (although you do have to have a monthly paid account for that). I’ll stick with Distrokid etc for now.