Today I’m talking about the news that Spotify is now showing song credits for performers, songwriters & producers in its latest desktop app.

Just right-click on a track within Spotify (desktop version) and select ‘Show Credits’. You’ll now see a pop up window showing info on the performers, songwriters and producer.

Now it’s not all there yet. I had a quick scan of my projects on Spotify and they’re missing information. Apparently this data is being pulled from record labels so expect the ‘big gigs’ to have up to date data for now.


With increased visibility and transparency we can see who worked on what. This has to be good as I think about how it could educate people and shed light on what goes on behind the scenes.


It’ll be helpful to be able to reference what producer etc worked on something if you wanted to look them up for a collaboration.

What next?

I want to see MORE credits. I want to see engineers, mixers, musicians, session musicians.. EVERYTHING. I know we have wikipedia but this is all in context.

Anyway, it’s a small step but at least it’s a step! Leave me your thoughts in the comments.