First log yeah! I ummed and ahhed about calling this a ‘log’ but the Star Trek geek defeated the child in me. I’m committing to this for the foreseeable future. Expect music chat around what I’m doing and what I have planned as well as, well, anything that comes to mind. I’m stupidly excited for this.</p

New Instruments

Barry recording Metallophone

So we introduced some new instruments into the WtF studio. That being the metallophone & accordion. I’m kinda familiar with the metallophone after owning and recording a glockenspiel in the past – but accordion, nope, all new to me. I’ve had a quick go this week, syncing up to a youtube tutorial.


I just about managed to strap it on correctly. At the moment it feels like the hardest thing in the world to finish a phrase because the lungs pass out (bellows, can’t stop calling them lungs). Anyway, we’ll keep at it. I’d love to get it onto a track. Absolutely love the sound used on Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack.

New Music

Yes we’re working on new stuff. In fact we have a track and it’s awesome. We’re just in two minds with we’re doing at the moment. I do like the idea of putting out smaller releases often throughout the year so maybe that’ll be out soon.

Thinking about Gigging

The last gig I played was a MINIONTV show in Liverpool at the Kazimier gardens. It was bloody amazing. We played super well and was so hyped after sharing the stage in so long. Got a feeling that was the last time though folks. I was so happy someone was there to film it. We never had that back in the day (not many camera phones then!).


I got out of the idea of gigging as it was kinda getting in the way of recording. Every time we’d come up with something, we’d be like “but will it work live?”. Totally disrupted experimentation so we decided to have a break from it and concentrate on just making music. I’m now coming round to it again but in a different mindset. It has to be different  as I get stressed out when things start feeling like I’m retreading or it’s becoming routine. So yeah, we have a set up in mind but I’ll wait to chat about that until it’s a little more concrete.


I really want to start a music podcast. It’s just a case of ironing out the logistics of it, mainly whether it’s video or just audio. I’m chatting to a bunch of musicians through social now and I’m dying to hear their stories. Got a feeling I’ll kick that off in the next couple of weeks and I can’t be more enthusiastic. It’s going to be great.

listening tab

  • Semicircle (The Go! Team)
  • Puerto Rico Relief (Various Artists)
  • Living Room (Twin Oaks)
  • All Melody (Nils Frahm)
  • Open (Grandbrothers)
  • John Wesley Harding (Bon Dylan)

So that’s it for this week’s log. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been listening to!