…And Then There Were Three

We had a very special guest at the studio and I got to experience drum hangovers again.

The Old Guitarist

This week I posted a Louis Armstrong quote on my instagram about musicians not retiring when there’s still music in them. I love that quote. There’s a Picasso painting called The Old Guitarist which depicts an old man hunched over his guitar on the streets of Barcelona which I’ve always had this kind of affinity with. I see myself never stopping, never having the notion or audacity to give up on what I love doing the most.

I think deep down we’re all a little like that, whether you’re into music or playing video games, whatever; there’s something there that’s always part of who you are. It’s the thing that brings like minded people together too.

A New Chapter

This week Simon, our drummer from our previous band MINIONTV, joined us at Wired to Follow.

This is a new chapter for Wired to Follow. For a long while it’s just been Barry and myself (after Sion and Tom left). He’s a great drummer. He was such a colossal force behind those MINIONTV tracks. I just couldn’t imagine those songs coming out the way they did without him.

It’s Been a While…

I’ll be honest, I was worried about Simon coming down to the studio to have a jam. I really wanted it to work. What if it didn’t? We hadn’t played live with a drummer for so long and I wanted it to fit like it used to and not feel weird! I needn’t worried, it was awesome.

Simon - Wired to Follow

We started to jam out a simple idea we had. Simon took to it instantly. It immediately felt natural to get back into playing together but also kind of fresh. From then it was decided, we’re going to work on some music together, record as we go and see about doing some shows. We left the studio with a reference recording to build on until the next session.

It’s early days for this new chapter but it’s nice to be in good company. We’re the same, we just want to keep making music, it’s part of who we are.

That’s it for the log this week, comment below with any music recommendations or just say hi.

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