The Bandcamp Dashboard & Community Tab

In this post we’re going to have a quick look at Bandcamp’s new messaging features for Desktop – The Dashboard and Community Tab.

Bandcamp has been rolling out some fun features to desktop lately, namely the Dashboard and Community tab.

The Bandcamp Artist Dashboard

With the Dashboard you get a nice overview of recent activity including sales, plays and followers. Plus, quite a useful widget for sharing your page out to various other places. If this option has been rolled out to your account yet you’ll find it on the top left menu.

The Bandcamp Artist Community Tab

The Community Tab now brings the messaging service we’ve had on the mobile app to desktop. Let’s take a look.

If it’s rolled out to your account yet, you’ll see it just above your release page.

You should be greeted with a message from Bandcamp telling us that our followers will receive messages on Bandcamp and Email. As I mentioned before, you can actually do this on the Bandcamp app too.

Sending Messages

As for sending messages, it’s as simple as writing your message in the text box as well as uploading an optional photo.

There is an option to filter out your message to followers by level of support or location, but this is part of the paid for Bandcamp Pro account. That might be useful for people targeting areas where they might plan to do shows for example.

How to Change How the New Tab is Displayed

You may want to change the way the tab is displayed, maybe choosing a different work or chasing the case for example. As you can see for my example, it’s a bit out of place with the other two options so we’ll just jump in to change it.

The short way to get to the Navigation bar options is just to click that ‘edit navigation bar’ link but I’ll show the other way in case that link ever disappears.

  1. Click on the top right menu dropdown and choose ‘Edit Profile’
  2. Scroll down to the Navigation Bar option and you’ll be able to change that wording there.
  3. When your done scroll down and hit the Save button. Finished!


So now we all have this Community Tab, how should we use it? Well, obviously we can talk about our new releases or any discount sales etc on our Bandcamp page.

BUT. I’m a bit hesitant to overuse it because people might start getting annoyed with all of the emails and they might just unfollow. I’m guessing you would to, or at least you’d ignore them like we all do with a lot of emails.

With that said, here’s a couple of features I’d love to see added.

  • The choice for the message we’re writing to be sent to email or not. That could be a checkbox next to the Send button.
Suggested Feature 1 – An Email Checkbox
  •  A bit of a biggie but I’d like to see Artist messages appear on the feed page, perhaps as a separate tab to the Fan Activity. That way there’d be more of a chance for fans to discover our messages other than via email or visiting our page
Suggested Feature 2 – Artist Activity on the feed page

And that’s it! All in all, I’m happy that Bandcamp are still making these great updates!

I hope that helped you out. Don’t forget to check out the other DIY Musician Guides on the site.

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