Hey guys, Stephen here and I thought I’d do a follow up to the whole Threatin story as the truth has come out.

So a BBC reporter travelled all the way to California to meet with Jered Threatin and attempt to get the truth out of what actually happened. I made a video all about the start of this (see here) but basically this guy was able to secure a European tour based on fake social media accounts, to basically end up playing to nobody, as very few, if any, tickets were sold.

One thing I’m most definitely doing is taking all of this with a pinch of salt. This could all be more lies but whatever, it’s intriguing to hear it from the horse’s mouth at least.

So let’s go through and try and answer some questions.

1. Where Did the Money Come From

I suppose some of us have been wondering about how he was about to fund the tour, not only for himself but for the band members he was paying also. It must have cost quite a bit but he claims:

…the tour was funded with the money they squirrelled away when he was flipping burgers at a Moberly Burger King and installing court-mandated breathalyser devices in people’s cars.

That must have taken quite a while to save the money you’d need for travel expenses, hotels, food etc for a whole band?

2. Why Did he Make All This Effort?

The biggest question on everybody’s lips is just a simple ‘why?’. Why did he go to so much effort to do this? It all comes down to frustration with the music industry.

Why do I need some gatekeeper to tell me that it’s what they want it to be, or it’s good enough for them?” he remembered thinking. “I’m going to find my own way to do things.

I get it. It’s frustrating putting your music out there and getting little to no response. I kind of respect him for thinking about utilising new avenues to get his music out there. That’s pretty much what a lot of my videos on this channel are about. The thing that falls flat for me is that it’s not honest, and I think it’d only benefit you for the short term and will run out of steam if people don’t actual start buying tickets to see you play, not be a gimmick.

3. How he Managed to Book the Tour

We all know he faked it, but how?

If a band approaches a venue and says: ‘Hey, we wanna play this venue,’ you’re going to get ignored,” he says. “All it has to do is look like it’s coming from a booking agency – doesn’t even matter what booking agency, even a fake one – and then you’ll get talked to and you can get things booked. Simple as that.

The thing is these people working at these venues have bills to pay. To turn up without any tickets sold is disrespectful and harms the venues and could introduce stricter ‘pay to play’ rules on other bands.

4. Was it all Just a Publicity Stunt?

This was apparently the plan from the outset, to be found out and have that attention put the spotlight on the tour and his music like the Eye of Sauron,

I manufacture my own destruction,” he said proudly. “My idea was, how am I going to fill these empty rooms? I’m going to fill them with eyes from the digital world. That was the objective from the beginning.

I’m torn with this. It all sounds so very convenient after the fact. It makes him come across even more manipulative as if the whole thing was an experiment.

He goes on to mention he declined interviews by saying “As soon as the questions are answered, the story’s less interesting,” he said. I mean do I need to highlight the hypocrisy here, within this BBC interview with him? He tagged Joe Rogan in one of his tweets at the time, he was probably fishing for an interview there too.

5. What’s Next?

We’re going to get a movie by the looks of it. Of course this is going to be a movie. Any thoughts on the title? I’m going with “How One Man Fooled Himself”. Leave your ideas down below.

You know he’d like to think that we’ve all been duped by being part of some social experiment but where we really? When we found out what he’d “tried to do” the cat was instantly out of the bag and this “revelation” that it was all him behind the curtain faking it, was well immediately obvious.

Here’s the thing though, he’s become famous because of this gimmick. Don’t you think to sustain that fame he’s going to have to come up with another gimmick just as elaborate as let’s be honest, who is talking about the next Threatin album?

It kind of reminds of the band OKGO who make amazing music videos. Don’t get me wrong, their music is good but for me I only hear about them now and again because cause people are sharing their music videos which I tend to think overshadows the music to a point. In the case of Threatin, this is far less so as there’s no creative force behind the whole thing, just deceit which doesn’t get you far, in my eyes anyway.

But maybe that’s his gimmick, the pantomime baddie, he even says “There is no villain character anymore in rock music, or really in all music,” he says smugly. “I’m trying to vilify myself.”

He goes on to say that  he “came home to literally and thousands and thousands of CD sales” and he now has “a cult following” and maybe he did and he does but I find it hard to believe which I think is going to surprise nobody.

6. His One Regret?

Get this, his one regret after all of this? Not turning up to one of his cancelled shows.

He says:

It’s like, I show up and I play for no-one. And then when there’s an audience, I don’t play for anyone.

If at the end of the day it was all about getting eyes and ears to his music, this sounds pretty much like the worse plan ever.

I’ll end this here but before I do I’ll just say I know what some of you are out there thinking. The more we talk about this, the more we feed into the ‘planned publicity stunt’.

For me it’s just interesting. As those of you know who have been following this channel for the last 12 months, I’m very interested in how we can utilise social media and the tools that come with it to our advantage, as musicians.

This whole story is intriguing to me as it does exactly that but not with the outcome we as musicians would like, not based around good intentions and well, the music.

Do let me know, after all of this, after hearing his truth  – are you now a fan of his music? Did you listen to it and contribute to his 1.2 million views? What are your thoughts after all this?

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