Never miss a click (sorry).

You know when you share a link to your music, be it on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify etc. Wouldn’t it be great too if you were able to track how many times that was clicked on, where in the world it was clicked AND what date? Well in this quick guide I’m gonna show you how you to do just that.

Why You Should be Tracking Clicks

Just before we get into it I just want to tell you why I think you should be tracking your links. Basically the more data you collect, the more you will be able to understand your audience which will really help you make clever decisions later on.

Watch the video above to watch me show an example or just head over to Bitly ( and set up an account. Once that’s done just hit the ‘Create Bitlink’ button at the top right of the page and throw your URL you want to be tracked into the side menu that appears. Hit the ‘Create’ button at the bottom and Voilà, you’ve got a trackable link. Now go ahead and share that link.

Whenever anybody clicks on that link you’ll start to see data collected within your account.

Let me know in the comments if that helped or if you have any questions.