I came across Butcher Billy today, a graphic artist whose work I’ve definitely seen before with TV Shows Black Mirror and Stranger Things. However it was his ‘Thom Yorke: The Last Action Hero” series that really caught my eye.

Obviously I’m a big Radiohead fan but that aside, these are brilliant! I love the idea of taking somebody we know as quite vulnerable and reclusive, and juxtaposing them with 80s action hero posters.

What can we learn from this? Most of us have seen those original movie posters countless times. Same goes for images of Thom Yorke. It’s when the combination occurs that something interesting happens; it becomes unique.

Think of it at a bigger scale. Heads were turned when Rock and Roll evolved from blues, jazz and gospel. As DIY musicians know, it’s important in the internet days to turn a head, or drive a click.

So for those not paying attention. Try new things, stand out, juxtapose, be unique.

Thom Yorke: The Last Action Hero. New series out now. behance.net/butcherbilly

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