Uploading Your Music Directly to Spotify!

Wow, this is crazy news. So Spotify is testing the ability for us all to upload our music directly to its platform. This means we’d no longer need our third party services to do so (although it’s important to note we’d still need ’em for the other streaming services). Watch the video above for an off the cuff discussion and let me know your thoughts!

Initial Thoughts

First of all this is fantastic news. Not only will we be able to negate the need for a third party service but we can edit after our music has been released. This is huge because you’d usually have to get in touch with your distributor and submit a ticket and then wait for the change to be made, now it’s in our control.

That goes with royalty payments too. With my distributor I have to wait until I have hot the £25 threshold to be able to withdraw money, with this new setup Spotify straight into your bank on a monthly payment. It all sounds good.

But I do have some worries.

Up til now there’s been a small barrier to entry for people getting their music onto Spotify, by having to use a third party service such as Tunecore, CD Baby or Distrokid. With this removed Spotify may run into an issue where too much music is uploaded and it’s harder to filter, quality diminishes, and copyright becomes a bigger issue introducing us to something similar to YouTube’s dreaded content ID system.

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In conclusion, this is a very welcome update to the Spotify for Artists app and I can’t wait to get access. Hopefully that won’t be too long but as it’s only available in the US in Beta for a handful of artists, that may be some time.


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