Are you thinking about what name to use for your band but maybe you’re a little worried it might have been taken across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media platforms? Well I’ve got the perfect tool for you!

I’ve found a pretty decent tool for checking if a username or handle is available across social media and elsewhere. It’s called namecheckr (which is a good name, let’s be honest), so let’s have a look!

Using Namecheckr

Head over to and enter your desired name in the search bar. For example, we’ll first search for something we know exists just to make sure it works.

We’ll just try Radiohead because I’m pretty sure they exist. As expected, it’s been taken up pretty much across the board apart from meetup, whatever that is!

Testing namecheckr with an existing name
Testing namecheckr with an existing name

Ok, let’s search for a made-up band name to see if it work that way. We’ll try “ColumboCrisps” because that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Testing namecheckr with a new name
Testing namecheckr with a new name

It’s available! I could even grab the domain name! I’m going to be famous with columbocrisps. Anyway, you get the idea. Now armed with the knowledge that this name is free I could now go ahead and set up across all of the platforms.

Quick tip, I wouldn’t click on any of the links as many of the sign-up links have changed since this website was made. So just use it as a quick reference for your brand name availability.


And that’s it, it’s a really simple but I think, but one to be bookmarked.

If you are stuck on coming up with a name, check out this post where I lay out a few ideas that may help you out.

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