Variants is my first solo project under my own name. New tracks will be added throughout the year.

Want to join me on this organic journey? You can grab the album right now on Bandcamp.

At the start of the year I knew I wanted to work on something on my own and whilst thinking about it, I recorded a track called Take Away My Gold Star. The track was inspired by a MinionTV demo and my trip to Tokyo last year. After doing this, I realised I really enjoyed the spontaneity of working on something ‘in the moment’. My other projects have all been EP or album based, ready formed releases. So this time round, I’m inspired to do things a little differently and work on something that’ll grow organically throughout the year.

Variants is my ongoing project of ideas inspired by travel and circumstance in 2017. I’ve liked the title for a while and always thought about it as a collection of thoughts and ideas that don’t necessarily relate individually, but do so contextually as a whole.

There are currently two tracks as of writing this. Sunday was a short piece of improvised music jammed out, unsurprising on a Sunday. I was reflecting on a Wired to Follow track, Unix Epoch, and wanted to continue the theme as if it were a few years old reply.

New tracks will be added throughout the year. I’m not sure how many will end up on it, or what they’ll turn out to be. I’m initially stating ambient but there may be twists and turns.  I’ll be posting about newly featured tracks on this site.

New track information: