Something I really like to do on my Bandcamp release pages is leave a comment. To do this, you need to “own” the release in your collection and post as a fan. In this guide I’ll show you how to do this yourself as well as tell you why I think it’s a really good idea.

Let’s be honest here, getting someone to your page in the first place is effort in itself so how do you then encourage them to hit that play button and then possibly go ahead and buy it?

Picture the scene, you’re on a Bandcamp page that’s full of fan squares, a lot of them have commented. This is intriguing enough to make you want to hit that play button yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Think about it, these are endorsements for a product, just like reviews on or GoodReads. So, what about if you go to a page that doesn’t have as many, maybe none? You might be less likely to stick around.

With that in mind, let’s face it, if your Bandcamp release page is baron of squares, it looks as though nobody is interested in your release. So for me, my first port of call when putting out a release on Bandcamp, would be to get the ball rolling myself.

Let’s go into the how and the why.

So How Do You Leave a Comment?

This is really simple but I think it’s an important process to know, not only so you can do it on your releases but to know the effort a fan has to make to comment on your release.

I suppose it should go without saying but you need to own the release in your collection. You obviously have the option of buying it yourself but you really don’t have to. Just head over to your Bandcamp Tools page, create some download codes, use one and make sure you hit that “Add to Collection” box. Done!

Now your release is in your collection, you can go ahead and make your comment. You see, this all takes place within your fan collection page, not on the release page. Hover over the release in question and you’ll see the question “why do you love this album?” appear. Click on it, post your comment and hit save. Your comment should now appear on the release page.

So we’ve talked about the how, let’s talk about the why.

1. Nobody Likes to be the First to the Party

So like the title says, unless you’re a little weird nobody really like to be the first person to arrive at a party. Same with Bandcamp comments, seeing one might then encourage or inspire you to write one yourself.Ā  It’s a bit like YouTubers who throw a comment below their own video just after they publish them (yeah, I do this).

2. It Promotes Your Fan Page

Every fan square is clickable and if you’ve made a comment, yours stands out. Why not help promote your fan collection page and show where your fans can see what other music you like on Bandcamp?

3. It Shares a Personal Connection

This is my favourite reason. I’m pretentious and precious as hell with the music I’ve been involved in and feel like this spot gives me a little platform to share a ‘personal’ connection to the release. Whereas the main description serves to give an overview, this section amongst the fans feels a little more intimate, especially so as it’s attached to my little face, aww.

That’s it! As always let me know your thoughts. You can leave me a comment on the YouTube video and don’t worry, I’ll make one first šŸ™‚


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