Your Music in Instagram Stories

In this post I’m going to talk about how you can make Instagram stories with your own music. I’ll also think about adding a visual cue that encourages people to listen.

A while back I made a video where I showed how you can make an Instagram menu where you can add things like your music releases. Now if you have music on Instagram already, you can just use the music sticker or even link from Spotify.

But what if you don’t have your music on Instagram (like me). Well let’s go through adding it ourselves beforehand by creating a video and uploading it to our menu item as a release.

Creating the Instagram Story Image

To start off I’m going to create an image that will be used as the basis of our Instagram story. I’ll do this within Canva, which a free online image editing tool. If you’re not familiar with Canva I made a video all about it, so check that out.

Adding Music to the Instagram Story

For this step I’m going to be using Final Cut but you can use any video editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere. Here’s a few links to some free editors but please note I’ve not used them, I’ve just heard good things!

Anyway back to this, let’s set up our new project and add the Instagram Story settings. The current size settings for a story is 1080px in width and 1920px in height.

Now let’s add our image we created in Canva to the timeline. The current length for an Instagram story is 15 seconds so let’s expand the image out to that and add our music along the image’s duration.

Adding a Visual Cue to the Instagram Story

Now we could just export this and be done, it’s totally fine. But what else could we do to entice people to actually listen to it? Well the very easy route is just adding a ‘Sound On’ sticker in Instagram but what else can we do to make it a little more unique?

How about showing the sound wave of the track playing so there’s more of a visual cue that some music is playing.  We could use some sort of graphic EQ or spectrum analyser for that. It’s a little work but could be fun. In the video above I record a little of Ableton’s EQ 8 and add it to the video.


The thing to think about here is to try and be a little unique. Just doing this little example has opened up all sorts of possibilities to me. I’ve even been thinking of just using a video clip of myself pointing at my headphones to entice people to listen!



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