Did you know that you can actually use hashtags on your YouTube videos now? Well in this video I’m going to show you how and why you should be using them right now! Oh and yeah I’m in the process of packing to move so hence the cardboard prison…

So if you’ve been watching my videos lately you might have noticed that some hashtags have magically appeared just above the video title. This feature is relatively new, I think they became visible around July this year.

Why Use Hashtags in Your YouTube Videos?

The main reason that we should be using hashtags is that they’re searchable. Clicking on one will will show recently uploaded as well as popular videos with that hashtag.

As a musician I think it’s really important to differentiate yourself from others as much as possible, as your online presence is essentially an extension of your brand. So using your unique hashtags for your project, for example in my case, Wired to Follow, will keep all of your relevant to each other, helping people who enjoy your music to easily find more of it. Let’s go over how to use them.

So How Do you Use Them?

You can either add your hashtags to your title or description. For me personally, I’ve been adding them to the description so I don’t clutter up the video title.

Only the first three will actually be displayed so choose wisely. For example if I was adding hashtags for one of my Wired to Follow tracks I might choose #WiredtoFollow which is the name of my project, #ELIZA66 which is the name of the track’s release and #AmbientMusic which describes the genre.

You can obviously pick what you want but I think it’s important to keep it relevant to your project. I also think if you pick something a little too generic like #Music, it’s going to quickly get lost in the abundance of channels using that hashtag!

I’ll show you how to apply some hashtags to your video descriptions by default.

Set Your Hashtags to Your Video Description by Default

Simply head over to your Creator Studio (found by clicking on your avatar icon on the top right and choosing the option on the dropdown menu). Once you’re in, choose the Channel option on the left menu followed by Upload Defaults once the sub menu appears. You’ll then be able to go ahead and add your default hashtags.

As you can see in the image below, I’ve added my hashtags to the bottom of my description. Hit the save button when you’re done.

But what if you wanted to apply your hashtags to all of your existing videos? Here’s how to do that.

Applying Your Hashtags to Your Existing Videos

Still within the Creator Studio, choose Video Manager followed by Videos once the sub menu appears. Click on the checkbox on the left of the Actions menu to select all of your videos. Now click on the message within the yellow bar above your videos to select all of your videos (which may only appear if you have more videos that can be shown on the page).

Now with every video selected choose Description from the Actions menu. Now choose where you’d like your hashtags to appear, either Append to end or start. I’ve went with end.

Now add your hashtags. Remember, YouTube only uses the first three you’ve added. Hit save when you’re done.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hashtags

YouTube has some policies when it comes to choosing your hashtags. The full list is available here but for the most part just use your common sense and don’t use misleading tags (don’t use radiohead), over tag or use bad language. Also don’t use spaces, hashtags are all one word!

That’s it! Let me know if you’re going to use them, how you’re using them and if you have any questions.

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