In this guide I’m going to talk about YouTube’s new  ‘premiere’ feature. Basically what it is, how to use it and why you should use it if you’re a musician.

So now when you upload a video to YouTube, if you choose to Schedule it, you’ll now also have the option to ‘Premiere’ it . What this basically does is set the video to live stream at the time and date you set. It’s to encourage your community and yourself to all watch your new upload together.

This is really interesting for us musicians for a few reasons.

  1. Say you have something really important to announce such as album news or a new music video. This is ideal for that purpose as by setting it to a ‘premiere’, you’re basically telling people this is not to be missed.
  2. When you set a video to Premiere, it’ll immediately rise to the top of your follower’s subscription feed. They’ll be presented with the opportunity to be reminded for when it goes live.
  3. More people being notified means more people coming in to watch your important news or music video. More people watching and commenting obviously increases engagement and YouTube rewards that sort of metric.

The Premiere option is available when you choose to schedule a new video. See the video above for an example walkthrough.

Something to think about when doing this.

Don’t abuse it. I wouldn’t use this feature for every single video or your subscribers might get sick of it. Just try and use it for your really important stuff. You may start losing subscribers if people start getting annoyed!


And that’s it. As ever let me know your thoughts on this. Can you see yourself using it?

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