YouTube Tips – 4 Things I’ve learned making 100 DIY Musician Guide Videos!

Hey everyone, just thought I’d make a quick YouTube Tips post since I’ve just hit a couple of big milestones. Those being hitting 2000 subscribers on Youtube, and putting out 100 DIY Musician Guide videos. As I always say, celebrate your milestones – because you know, nobody else will!

It’s coming up to 2 years since I started this journey so I thought I’d list 4 things I’ve learned along the way that might help with yours.

1. Plan Ahead

YouTube Tips - Planning Ahead
Planning Ahead

In the last few months I made a non-negotiable agreement with myself to put out a DIY Musician Guide video every Tuesday. Before I did that, I’d just sit there waiting for the best ideas or whatever to magically appear. It might have been weeks before I was actually putting something I considered ‘worthy’ out.

The issue with waiting is by the time I’d eventually make the video notes, film and then edit for this ‘worthy’ idea, I’d forgot some of the key skills I was developing as a video maker. And to be honest, in terms of views or whatever I was pretty much getting the same results whether I put out a highly edited video or an ‘off the cuff’ sort of thing.

So, what I’ve learned to now do and what I think I think is an amazing working process, is to plan ahead. I know I’ve got to put out a video every Tuesday, so I’ve made a list of possible video ideas until the end of the year and so on. That way, I’m not waiting on magical perfect ideas, of which let’s be honest, nothing’s really perfect. Now, I’ve always got something to chip away at and work toward.

YouTube TipsUse Trello to organise your projects!

2. Ignore the Others

YouTube Tips - comparison is the thief of joy
Comparison is the thief of joy

If you’re a regular here, you might have heard me go on about one of my favourite quotes ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy’. I say it A LOT. I have it on a post-it note above my desk to act as a constant reminder that there’s always someone out there making better stuff than me, be it music or videos.

You know I’m a human being and sometimes I’ll see someone getting more views or music sales or whatever and feel the green-eyed monster suddenly burst out. But you know what, whatever we do, it’s going to be our journey that defines us, so we really have to try our best to ignore that stuff and just get on with our own work, that defines us.

YouTube TipsCheck out Socialblade to measure your progress!

3. Don’t Wait to Be Great.

YouTube Tips - Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Now there was a time where I didn’t want to live stream on YouTube because I was scared, of a couple of things actually. Mainly I’d be rubbish at it and trip over my words, and also that nobody would show up.

I bit the bullet and did it anyway with the live podcast I’ve been doing, and both of those things did and do happen. Sometimes I run out of things to say or I just can’t get the words out. Plus only a couple of people, if any show up.

The thing is, my mentality with things like live streaming, or putting your first Instagram story out, whatever the thing is – is that you can’t wait until the best moment until you’re ‘ready’.

If I suddenly had a million followers, I’m not going to get any better than I am now with this stuff. So, wouldn’t it much better if I was a bit rubbish now so I’d iron the kinks out before more eyes and ears were on me?

YouTube TipsUse StreamYard to start streaming!

4. Focus on your Passion

YouTube Tips - Focus on your Passion
My Patreon page

I remember many years ago, I used to be in a job I didn’t really like and as soon as I’d get home I’d instantly jump on my PlayStation or whatever, just to escape. The issue with that is I was caught in a negative loop. I wasn’t giving myself a chance to get out of it as I had no focus, I pretty much spiralled into a deep hole.

Now with a focus on music and this website, I’ve always got something to aim at and I think that’s the key. You know, if you don’t know where you’re heading, how can you take your first step?

Recently, I set up a Patreon Page and I have to be honest; it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself in terms of ploughing toward my focus. Because I’ve announced to the world this is the thing I’m doing and going to continue to do, it motivates and drives me to fulfil that plan.

Now I literally only have 2 awesome Patrons so far and I hope some of you will join me on there.  For only $1 a month member will get early access to new videos as well as behind the scenes stuff showing how I put things together.  The point is, the more I’m committed to keep up with that, the more motivated and focused I am with this journey.


Anyway, I will end with this. I think the whole point of being a DIY Musician or whatever is that you’re always going be ‘a work in progress’ , there’s no “yeah, I’ve done it” because let’s be honest, that’d be a pretty rubbish story at the end of the day.

I’ve said this before but the whole intent of this channel is to document my long and winding journey to becoming a self-sufficient musician. Hopefully it’ll help some of you get there too. A rising tide lifts all boats and all that!

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